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Welcome to the world of Competitive Shag Dance. Competitive Shag is a year of scheduled, sanctioned dance events that include divisions for Amateur, Novice (intermediate) and Pro (advanced) dancers. We also have a sanctioned Sr. Pro division for dancers from the Pro division who have reached the age of 55. Occasionally Junior dancer divisions are included in the competition. If you would like to join in on the fun of competition please click on the “Join CSA” link on the right for instructions.

The events consist of a weekend of divisional competition, food, fun, friendships, workshops, awards and prizes throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Please look at the schedule for a listing of the contests and join us. For non-sanctioned events click the “Non-Sanctioned Events” link on the left hand side bar for dates and locations.

We encourage, promote, and share the love of the Carolina Shag with all age groups.

Need a shag instructor? We can help you find one in your area. Click the link “Instructors” on the left hand side bar to start your search.

For your listening pleasure you can click the icon below to go to “Jukin’ Oldies“. We’re sure you will love the music found on this website. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!



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