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Our events consist of a weekend of divisional competition, food, fun, friendships, workshops, awards and prizes primarily throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. We encourage, promote, and share the love of the Carolina Shag with all age groups.

If you are interested in being a part of our family at a competitive level or you want to come and support your favorite dancers, check our website for schedules and begin to enjoy the dance, the people and the music.

Annual membership fees are nominal and are listed on the applications. Want to become a member?

Download the CSA application to start competitive shagging today.

Click here for the CSA membership application in Microsoft Word format. You can fill in the form and either snail mail or email it to CSA . You can then pay by Check or Paypal. (see below)

If competition is not for you but you desire to support and preserve the dance The Friends of CSA is for you. The Friends of CSA is a special level of CSA for those who love the Shag and would like to be part of an organization which promotes and supports the Shag through competition. It offers you a chance to be a part of preserving the shag & the special culture that goes with the dance & the music. It makes it possible for you to help support the clubs & dancers that keep shag & competitive dancing alive. Your membership also includes an invitation to the annual CSA banquet & party.

Click here for the Friends of CSA application in Microsoft Word Format. You can fill in the form and either snail mail or email it to CSA. You can pay by Check or Paypal (see below)

Now you can pay for your membership through Paypal. Whether you email or snail mail your application to CSA you can use this Paypal option to pay. This is NOT required, just available if you use technology like this regularly. Select your membership type below and click on the Buy Now button. The button will take you to Paypal. Just follow the instructions from there!

Annual Member Dues